4-Way Temp Traffic & Pedestrian Crossings

One of the most common daily activities for Shift is to Supply and install Temporary Lights to allow for works at sensitive times.

Here our client asked us to install and remove 4-way temporary traffic lights set up as well as a 4-way temporary pedestrian crossing which would include phases to allow for working in different sections of the road at different times. This was to include all required signage, cones and barrier.

As part of this, we had to liaise with the local authority who at the time advised that due to the road being traffic sensitive the works would have to be completed between 1000 – 1500hrs.

We also had to arrange all the suspensions that were required. On this occasion, we suspended parking bays and buses that were then diverted on alternative routes.

The client was very happy with the works and continue to use us on a daily basis.